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What wedding services do you offer besides wedding cakes?

We do a variety of wedding desserts including wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, dessert tables, groom’s cakes, engagement parties, bridal showers and favors.

How much are your wedding cakes?

Our wedding cakes start at $9 per serving depending on the design.

When will you arrive to set up the cake and/or desserts?

We typically schedule to arrive two hours before the reception. We do ask for a contact at the reception venue to coordinate the best delivery time with.

Will my fondant taste as good as it looks?

Absolutely! We use premium white chocolate fondant and roll it thinly over a thicker layer of Italian meringue buttercream.

What is fondant?

Fondant is an edible sugar dough that can be used to create a gorgeous and flawless finish on cakes that you see in wedding magazines. Fondant typically allows more creative freedom with the design of the cake.

My wedding cake will be outside. What do you recommend?

Fondant cakes are the best for outdoor weddings. They stand up better to the heat. It is best if there is an air-conditioned room or refrigeration close by. This way the cakes can be brought out immediately before the reception starts instead of sitting out. The desserts should never be left in direct sunlight and should sit under some sort of shelter or canopy. Another thing to remember with outdoor weddings is the wind. Wind can blow debris (or even the table linens) around and may stick to your cake.

Do you provide fresh flowers?

We request that your florist provides fresh flowers on the side for us to apply at the reception site.

Do I need a Groom’s Cake?

While it is not a necessity, it is a Southern tradition to have a groom’s cake. Typically they are chocolate but can be in the groom’s favorite flavor. Other dessert options are available too including pies, cake pops, cupcakes, and more. Groom’s cakes may also reflect his personal hobbies and interests. Our groom’s cakes start at $250.

How many people may I bring to my consultation?

Consultations and tastings are primarily for the bride, groom, and someone with a vested interest in your wedding cakes. We ask that you limit your party to four people including yourself. We understand that choosing a cake is an exciting experience, but coming to a final decision about the cake of your dreams can be very difficult if too many people are involved.

How far in advance should I book my desserts?

At this time, we suggest booking your desserts at least 6 months in advance. It is asked that you have your date and reception venue finalized before booking your desserts so that we can ensure our scheduling will allow for your date and time.

I have no idea what I want! Can you help?

Absolutely! We specialize in listening and creating custom desserts. During your consultation, you may look at many pictures and the designer will be able to get a feel for your personal preferences and design your sweets around you.

How many cake servings will I need?

Our cake tiers stand 5″ high and a typical wedding cake serving is 2″ x 1″. Many factors will determine how many cake servings you’ll need including whether or not other desserts are available if the reception is a sit-down dinner or a buffet and if there will be a groom’s cake. The designer will be able to guide you in how many servings you will need during your consultation.

What occurs during the 1-hour tasting and design consultation?

We schedule consultations just about every week and they last about an hour. You will have the opportunity to view our portfolio as well as present your own ideas to the designer. We will chat about your personal wedding style as we want to ensure your desserts complement your big day and your personality. The designer will be able to answer any questions you might have, offer suggestions, guide you in the number of servings you may need as well as provide you with a quote. You will be able to sample a variety of our most popular cakes and filling flavors.

What flavors will I be able to taste?

You will be able to sample a variety of our most popular cake and filling flavors to mix and match, hand-picked by our bakers.

The Nitty Gritty

(With a little sugar on top)

Do you make dairy-free cakes or desserts?

No, not at this time.

Do you do weddings?

Yes! Please check out our Weddings page for more information.

Do you make sugar-free cakes or desserts?

No, not at this time.

Do you make vegan cakes or desserts?

No, not at this time.

Do you make gluten-free cakes or desserts?

Upon request we are able to make some of our flavors as gluten-free options in cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for an additional charge. Our French macarons are gluten-free.

Do your sweets contain nuts/dairy/gluten/other allergens?

Yes. If you have dietary restrictions contact us prior to placing your order. We want to ensure every customer’s satisfaction and will do what we can to accommodate your needs. However, we do not have dedicated equipment to produce allergen-free desserts so it is important to know that all our sweets are produced in a facility that also processes milk, nuts, wheat, and soy so all desserts may contain traces of such.

Where do I pick up my order? Do you deliver?

You may pick up your order at 803 Woodland Street. We can also deliver straight to your door within the Nashville area for an additional delivery fee via courier. Delivery outside of Nashville may be available for an additional fee. All courier deliveries are dependent on the bakery’s availability and require a two-hour window.

What is your deposit policy?

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to place an order and reserve your event date. Orders are not reserved or started until a deposit has been placed. For delivery and large bulk orders payment must be paid in full prior to the event and terms will be discussed when placing the order.

Do you ship your sweets?

No. At this time we only deliver to the Nashville area or are available for pickup.

I need something quick! What can you make under a shorter deadline?

Depending on how busy we are and what you’re looking for we may be able to complete your order quickly but we recommend you contact us to see what we have available in-store that’s ready to go.

Are desserts available for purchase in-store?

Yes! We have a curated selection of sweets available for purchase. The selection and variety change every week so if you’re looking to grab something specific, call ahead or place an order online. (Typical turnaround times for online orders are 2-3 weeks in advance.)

How do I place an order?

You may place your order on the phone, through our contact page or in our online shop. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to place your order and reserve your event date.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

We are located at 803 Woodland Street in East Nashville. Visit our Contact page for updates.